Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Favorite Tool - Bead Press

This is one of my most used tools in the studio, turns out it’s made by one of my most favorite people! The Jim Moore bead press is what I use to cap and core all my beads. It's one of my all time favorite tools, and they are wonderful people too!

I also use the bracelet and ring mandrel for riveting all my beads to my rings and bracelets. The dapping balls make doming beads caps a breeze! This tool has so many different uses, well made and simple to use! Jim is always developing new attachments for this tool too, in fact he's working on a new one right now!

This tool was what helped me come up with the design for my Keepsake Beads. It makes it to easy to cap and core beads I can fill a hollow bead with any keepsake and flare with core without having any problems.


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