Thursday, March 17, 2011

Customer Profile - Stacey Peterson

Stacey Peterson of Low Tide and Lemon Pie is my customer profile this month. I met Stacey at Bead and Button last year and liked her immediately. She's very caring, talented and very funny!

Take a visit to her shop, her bio page is really interesting. The story behind the name of her shop is really touching. It's a nice bit of insight into the artist.

I love this bondage bracelet! Very cool!

She answered a few questions for me, here's out interview.

What's your first passion? Jewelry design is definitely my passion/obsession, I've been doing it since I was 10! PMC comes in a very close second because of it's flexibility.

What's your hobby? Lamp work glass is still pretty much a hobby for me. I love it, but don't spend enough time practicing.

What did you like about my product or shop? I love your shop because of the wide range of items you sell. Your glass beads vary from very pretty colors and shapes to organic funkier beads. your rings are wonderful and I see you adding new things all the time. You do a beautiful job with everything you create.

Have you made anything with it? I have made an adorable necklace with one of your heart beads. The bead kind of has a speckled egg look to it which I paired with a fine silver bird charm. (pictured above)


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