Friday, February 5, 2010

What I mean by living to one's self is living in the world, as in it, not of it. William Hazlitt

It's hard to silence the outside world and live in your world. With the hum of traffic, the barking of dogs, the hustle of work it can be exhausting to try and live! Especially when you add trying to live in your world, and live with abundance. Live with abundance, when the economy still seems to be on a downward spiral?

It find myself falling back to the little things again, the sun was out today. My beads went ok for trying some new colors and techniques. I think I made 3 perfect buttons to go on a sweater I found on sale (we'll see for sure when they come out of the kiln), my family and myself are healthy. SO today is a good day, even though I thought otherwise at a couple points. I even got some sheet glass in preparation for my stained glass class starting monday (Thanks Karen!).


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