Saturday, February 20, 2010

Feels like spring!

Today felt like spring, in fact I had a t-shirt on for most of it!

I hoped to get my veggie garden weeded this weekend and get the mushroom manure on it. WELL I got it all weeded today! I may not be able to walk tomorrow but it's weeded!

Snoopy our cat and best buddy enjoyed the sunshine with me. He doesn't get in the garden much because usually the scarecrow is on to shoot water at the bunnies, it's off right now so he came up to spend some time with me.

He spent about 30 min exploring a long drain pipe we have down the side of the garden, I was actually a bit surprised he went in it at all.

Then he lounged in the sun for a bit, right beside the catnip plant!

Then on to scaling the garden fence.

Then yet another nap in the sun.

Success! My weeded and turned garden!


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