Saturday, February 27, 2010

I know

I don't believe I know, Carl Jung

Well that's interesting.

After feeling lax because I hadn't been reading my Simple Abundance book I came to read it tonight, and above was tonight's quote.

Things I know.

I know I am blessed to have amazing friends. One of whom (Andrea) I have spent the last several days with. I've had a blast! From getting some gym workouts in, to creating new things, to razzing each other about the Olympics, she's truly a friend I am blessed to have. That's us above eating our Canada VS US cake.

I know I am very proud of Canada and all it's done through and for the Olympics. I am stoked about tomorrow hockey game and hope we kick some US butts! BUT if we do not at least we get silver!

I know I am thank full the Tsunami did less damage than expected today. I am thank full all is well at home.

All in all a lot of what I know is good things! And that I am thank full for too.


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