Saturday, February 13, 2010

Play date

Weekends are often play dates for the horses. I try and turn Indy and Redman out together in the ring so they can burn off some steam. They love it, well Redman loves it for sure. Indy I often wonder if he gets tired of amusing his little brother.

Redman does a lot of what we call "fly bys". He trots and canters past Indy often giving him a poke to try and get him to play. Who say's 1/4 horses can't be hunters? Redman's lovely long and low trot shows in this photo.

Eventually this happens, and they both burn about for a while. Indy is a short burst kinda guy, he can dig in a let er rip but it doesn't last long. After a few good laps of the ring he just prances about with his tail up like an arab!


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