Friday, December 3, 2010

The Challenge of Color - Blog Hop

I am participating in a challenge hosted by Erin Prais Hintz. It's called the Challenge of Color, and she assigned each of us a paint chip we had to design a piece around. I loved my paint chip, the colors are really up my alley.

But, boy did I struggle! I went from this pile of goodies.

To this pile of goodies 24 hours later.

I worked on assembling the pile into some finished pieces last weekend while I was on the studio tour, it gave me something to do when we had some downtime. I really struggled with a fixed color palette, normally I just pick out beads I like and they somehow fall together into a finished piece! This involved thought, and more thought. Then I second guessed myself, tore the bracelet apart and made another one.

The finished pieces have my own lampwork beads (of course!), moonstone, pearls, swarovski crystals, some polymer goddesses, my own ear findings and a quartz drop.

This is what I wound up with for finished pieces, a pendant, bracelet and earrings. I've named it Garden Urn after one of the colors in my paint chip.

I am really happy with the pendant and earrings, I may have to keep them for myself! The bracelet doesn't thrill me, the dangle seems out of place to me.

I'd definitely do this again, it really got me thinking in a bit more of a calculating type manner than I normally do. It pushed me to work in a set color palette. Next time I may request a color palette outside my normal favorites for a BIG challenge.

Please check out Erin's blog and the other challenge participants work. There are some very creative people participating in this!


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