Saturday, December 11, 2010

Open house

“The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.”

Bertrand Russell

Today was the open house at the School House Studio. In fact most of the studio’s in the Metchosin School House were open.

I had a wonderful time wandering through other artists work space. It’s nice to see the building for what it is as a whole. Quite an amazing space, full of wonderful people creating amazing work.

I absolutely fell in love with Lesley Forman’s space. Alas she has no website so I cannot provide you with a link. She is in a small room I know previously to be dark, musty and a bit scary. It is now the most amazing room. Welcoming, calm and creative. Truly a wonderful place, and her sculpting is also a sight to see. Hearing her explain the process behind the pieces is like going on a journey with her.

Seeing her space made me realize I need to move “me” into the metal studio. While I spent a lot of time and energy painting the studio I’ve never moved much in there beyond tools and work equipment. I’m feeling the need to hang some art on the walls and give it more life.

What made today special for me was taking some time to slow down and visit with people. This time of year things seem to be so hectic and fast it almost seems frivolous to take time to visit, yet isn’t that what the Holidays are supposed to be about?


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