Monday, March 15, 2010


Any little bit of experimenting in self-nurturance is very frightening for most of us. Julia Cameron

It's often hard to nurture yourself. Nurturing others is often a cinch, but yourself that's a whole other story.

I succeeded about 50% at it today. I was determined to take the day off and do stuff for ME! I did get some shopping done this morning, went to Winners my favorite new store for great finds. Didn't find much but had a good time. Got some of the new Dark Cherry flavored coffee syrup from Starbucks, YUM!

Then I got my house totally cleaned, boring I know. But it sure made me feel good! It smells great thanks to the almond oil hardwood cleaner and I have the whole rest of the week to make beads.

Speaking of beads, see those up above. I LOVE THEM! LOVE LOVE LOVE !! They are called Vivacious and they are in my etsy!


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