Sunday, March 7, 2010


A little of what you fancy does you good. Marie Lloyd

I admit while I took my Simple Abundance Daybook with me to Pt Townsend, I didn't post much for quotes from it did I?

I did read it though, determined to stay on track with it.

Fancy, humm I am not sure things have to be fancy to do you good. One of my new joys is leveling the riding ring with a little used golf course tractor we bought. It has this wonderful set of miniature hydraulics that lift and drop the harrows and it has forward and backward, making it idiot proof! Just my kinda tractor.

It's become my weekend ritual, usually sunday's I level the ring. The boys tear it up during their play time and being as it's a bit of a smaller riding ring we tend to use the track a lot. Keeping it leveled helps the footing stay good.

My husband gave me a rather odd look when I covered my footsteps as I drove the tractor out to park it, stopped and had a look and the lovely flattened sand. It makes me smile to use the ring (I've never had one of my own!) and it makes me smile to keep it all "fancy".


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