Thursday, January 6, 2011

Redman Ride #2

To give Redman credit right off the top, he's been ridden way more times than twice. But it's my second ride in this epiphany stage of things so I'm calling it ride #2.

It's been pouring here for at least 24 hours, and I hate the rain. No, I'm not exaggerating. I am a snow girl, how I was born and raised in a rain forest is beyond me. I love snow, my years in Calgary are some of my fondest. It's wet here very very wet, and as I said above I do not do rain.

That may be why Redman looked and me and blinked hard a couple times when I went out to catch him to ride. It was only drizzling then, that didn't last long. As I tacked up it started to rain again, but I was looking forward to my ride and continued on with my plan.

I pretty much had to drag Redman out of the barn into the ring "It's wet out there you know?!" He flailed around on the lunge line for a bit avoiding puddles and muck. Then let out a fairly big spook and a odd noise. Went back to work, another spook, same odd noise. Redman had the hiccups! His hiccuping was startling him, a pretty funny sight! I think it may have had something to do with the wet sand splattering his belly. But he worked out of it and it really didn't set the ride back at all.

When it came time to get on I headed for the fence. He's 16+ hands (tall) and I am 5 ft 2, I need help. So I always mount from a fence, bucket, stump, vehicle, what ever I can find. Redman stepped into the soggy mess in front of the fence and looked at me as if to say "NO, nuh uh, no way, muck, ick! wet, mud, really, must I? ok fine!" and over to the fence he went.

During this lovely ride water splattered on the vents of my helmet, my jeans got soaked, my butt was wet from sitting in a wet saddle, my shoulders started to get wet through my jacket, all things that would normally make me miserable. But I had fun! Yup, you heard me I had fun! I cannot remember the last time I intentionally rode in the rain, let alone enjoyed it.

As I cleaned stalls and paddocks and fed the horses the fog settled in with the rain, and I realized how content I was. Who knew?!


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