Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bangles - start to finish

I thought some of you may be interested in a simple start to finish description of my bangle bracelets. This isn’t a tutorial just a simple run through of how I make the copper bangle bracelets.

All my bangles start out from heavy gauge copper wire. I need to pull it apart and cut it to length.

A large pile of wire, cut to length ready to be filed and brought into a rough circle shape to be soldered.

Filed and brought into a rough circle shape ready for soldering.

Soldered wire, ready to be hammered round. This is now ready to be hammered into a proper bangle shape.

A nice little pile of bangles hammered into a bangle shape. Ready for texture hammers!

Bangles textured! These are now ready for patina’s. I have about 10 different patina styles and colors I choose from.

They might wind up looking like this after patina.

Or they might wind up looking like this! I really enjoy making these, there are various styles and patina's available in my Artfire shop.


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