Friday, August 3, 2012

The Gathering

I spent a week in Bellvue (Seattle area) at the ISGB Gathering. I'll have to cover this trip in several blog posts, too much happened to write it all in one!

I flew into Seattle on monday afternoon, took the shuttle to Bellvue and spent the first two days in a class with Ronit Dagan. What a gifted instructor, she really had a knack for keeping the class on pace we had a lot to cover and many different skill ranges in the class. The first day we spent working on soft glass rings. Were they ever fun! Her techniques made things a little less frustrating for me, I've always found rings a struggle. Day two was boro cage work and I think it'll change a lot about how I work. We worked on free form cages then tackled a big (BIG!) caged cuff. I didn't complete my cuff it was hard to focus for me in a room with other classes and other students working. I work alone a lot so focus can be a struggle in a crowd. I did really enjoy the work though and have an idea for a caged wearable piece maybe incorporating some felt!


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