Saturday, May 19, 2012

May Glymm Box

My May Glymm box came and I love the new packaging. I probably save 20% of my samples from my boxes to use as gifts and I'll use these new pink bags to give away goodies in. I like that they are thinking more environmentally friendly.

Samples this month were interesting. I am still not that fond of the single sample tear off style. I like something that's got a little more substance to it.

There was a CK Shock for him and her this month value 2.00 for both combined they are small 1ml sample sizes. I'll give the mens one to my husband.

Coola Organic suncare 30 SPF sunblock, a single year off top sample size. Not thrilled with this sample all though it will come in handy in my purse. 5 ml sample value 3.50.

Nume hair conditioner which I am excited to try since it's for dry or colour treated hair and I have both! 20 ml size value 2.00

Mereadesso FULL size lip treat in sheer burgundy. I'd love to try this but it's way too dark for me so it will go into my gift box, someone will get an amazing gift! FULL size value 14.00

Caudalie Gentle Buffing Cream for your face. I'm interested to try this as usually scrubs are too harsh for my face. This has a nice fresh citrus smell to it. 15 ml size value 8.75

Caudalie Anti Ageing Serum, I have to admit there was a either/or with this sample and I wish i'd gotten the Cabernet Body Scrub instead. But none the less I can use this sample around my eyes and lips, maybe decreasing my wrinkles (HA!). 7 ml sample value 15.40

Total value this month 45.65 and a snazzy bright pink bag!


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