Saturday, March 31, 2012

Beauty Box 5

My Beauty Box 5 came! This is a US sample box much like Glymm and Luxe Box. They claim to have more eco friendly products which I liked. Their packing and presentation is not as nice as Glymm or Luxe Box. Glymm and Luxe Box come in nicely package little boxes that can be re used, they always have a card explaining the product and values.

Beauty Box 5 had neither of those. For me that's a bit of a downfall, especially being Canadian I'd like to get information about the product and know costs without having to search the internet.

That said the products are nice.

I received a self tanning towelette, something I am going to save and try closer to summer. I'm curious about this product, this is one for sure I would have liked to know more info about. One towelette value 2.00

I also received one towelette of a soya based nail polish remover, I can't wait to try this one. I find the crackle polishes really hard to get off so something that works better and is more environmentally friendly would be a plus.
One towelette value 1.00

I got a Pur - Lisse soya cleaner in a nice size, I'll save this for travel. It doubles as a cleanser and make up remover and the size is decent so it'll be a nice addition to my next trip!
1.7 oz size value 11.00

Two samples of Weleda creams a daytime and night time, again these will be great for travel. Part of what I love about these beauty boxes is I get wonderful sizes for traveling and I don't have to size down all my own products.
.17fl oz each total 7.00

Lavera brown eyeliner, it's beeswax and palm oil based. For me I am positive this will crease badly so I'm putting it in my "to give away" box. But it's a nice color and a full size sample.
Full size value 10.80

My total sample value was 31.80, a nice value for the 10.00 subscription. And most of the products are ones I'll use. It was nice that there were no perfume samples, I am starting to rack up a LOT of them!


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