Monday, February 6, 2012

Tucson 2012 - Whole Bead Show

The Whole Bead Show at Tucson 2012 came to a close for me today. And what a show it was. My first time coming to Tucson I was very nervous. The first time at any venue let alone one as large as Tucson can be really daunting.

The crew at the Whole Bead Show laid those nerves to rest pretty much upon arrival. I was impressed with the way the show was so well run, the selection of vendors but most of all I was really touched by the care everyone puts into everything they do. I really don't think I can effectively put into words the feel this show has.

What I can say is I this, I've realized that people complain a lot about every little thing. I listened to vendors from other shows jumping ship, complaining about a lack of sales, complaining about traffic etc I could go on and on. BUT and I really believe this is a big important but, vendors need to start taking responsibility for their own sales more. Pick a good show (like Whole Bead "wink wink") and back it fully. Stick by it's hard working staff, shout from the hilltops how good it is, bring something new and exciting to the show for your customers to see, promote yourself before during and after, make friends with other vendors, learn about them and what they do, make and EFFORT!

I've realized how much effort the staff at Whole Bead Show put into the show and how much effort I need to put into it as well. It was a learning experience and hugely positive one for me. I thank Andrea for the chance to come, and the whole crew for the support.

The Whole Bead Show Tucson is changing venue's next year, it'll be closer to other shows. I have no doubt this will be a positive for the bead show and am looking forward to see what exciting things this brings. So remember for 2013 to go to the Viscount Suites on Broadway for what I believe is the best Tucson experience going.

A relaxing soak in the hot tub was the perfect ending for a perfect show. I'll blog more about classes and vendors once I get home so keep an eye here for more input about my Tucson experience.


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