Friday, February 17, 2012

Bokamo Designs

Part of what I really enjoyed about Tucson and the Whole Bead Show was the chance to meet fellow artists. So I thought I'd share with you one of my favorites. Bokamo Designs is a husband and wife team, Steve and Terry Rhoades. I met them in one of the suites at the show and I really liked their work.

Steve works in boro a lot and it's always nice to see another boro beadmaker. To quote Terry "Steve was an electrician by trade and bought himself a torch and a kiln and taught himself to make beads. He watched videos, trial and error and picked everyone’s brain that he ran into that was making beads Then he came home one day and told me he had told his boss “he wouldn’t be in for a while”. Hmmmm! You might have thought that he would have discussed that with me. However as they say – the rest is history." Their first show was Bead and Button 2002.

They have a blended family, they have two daughters, Steve has one son who is also into glass and was in the bead business for a while. They have 3 granddaughters – 4 years and 2 year old redheaded twins! They are their pride and joy. Again quoting Terry "We thought we enjoyed our kids but grandkids are even better. We also have a little black malti-poo that is Steve’s baby (especially since Steve is home all day unless he is traveling). And we are planning a wedding for May of next year for our youngest daughter."

I loved their swirl earring pairs, they gifted me a pair I cannot wait to make into earrings! Thanks guys!
They also make Bokamo Exclusive Clasps that are stunning. All you jewelry designers out there NEED to add these to your finding collection. Well made and with the added touch of clasp cabochons they really are eye catching.


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