Thursday, August 12, 2010

New stuff happening

“The artist must be an egotist because, like the spider, he draws all his building material from his own breast. But just the same the artist alone among men knows what true humility means. His reach forever exceeds his grasp. He can never be satisfied with his work. He knows when he has done well, but he knows he has never attained his dream. He knows he never can.”Rheta Childe DorrI have new ideas in my head, and quite frankly it's giving me a headache!Tomorrow I venture into town *gasp* yes I have a strong dislike for town. The parking, crowds, noise (breaking out in a sweat already). BUt I want some new tools and am hoping I can find them at the local rock shop.I may reward my venture into stressful territory with a Starbucks, my one treat!


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