Saturday, June 19, 2010

Saturday in the sun

Gardening is a instrument of grace. May Sarton

Since the weather is wonderful here I am going to putter in the garden today. I whacked back my poppies hoping I get more blooms. I'll try and get a few photos today, I never remember to take my camera out there!

The pond is doing well, three fish and starting to clear up from the spring algae bloom. The motion activated scarecrow is keeping the raccoons away, thank goodness! I got a wonderful book yesterday and am going to plan out the entrance way to the studio and and the sitting area. I am waiting on the studio to be leveled before I can move in. I am getting impatient!

My lavender bushes are doing really well. I have about 20 of them!

My poppies are struggling for a second bloom. The red ones are doing well.

My favorites are these pink poppies I wish I had more of them.


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