Saturday, September 3, 2011

Family and Friends

Being an artist isn’t easy. I often hear “You are so lucky to be an artist”. Or “How nice to be able to dabble in this”.

I am lucky, but luck didn’t get me here. The support of many family and friends helped me keep moving forward even when I wondered “Can I do this?”. I’d like to think talent comes into it too! Without the support of my husband I’m not have the wonderful studio space I work in. Without the support of friends I’d have nothing. Really in a crunch it’s our friends who keep us going. Who we sound ideas off, who tell us the truth when we ask opinions. Who support us when we fail. Friends can make or break you, mine make me!

I’d also like to think I don’t dabble. I’m a “GO FOR IT!” kinda girl. I dive in with both feet, sink or swim. I figure why do things ½ way?


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