Saturday, April 30, 2011


I got home last night and am finally settling in, I had a class today so it feels like I haven't really sat down for 24 hours!

I got home to new lumber being added to my raised garden bed and a HUGE bed being added in one empty spot in the garden. Not sure how I feel about the new bed. It's not really what I had planned for that area of the garden. I pictured a rambling trail with a few trees and pockets of plants. But, the bed was a bit of work to add and the lumber is heavy so I feel a bit bad saying I want it moved. But, I feel a bit pissy that it was added without my ok. I tend to get a bit possessive over my space and the things in it. Anyone who's seen how tidy my space is in contrast to my husbands clutter can probably understand.

How do you feel about people moving, adding or adjusting things in your space?


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