Sunday, February 20, 2011

Snowmobiling day two

Snowmobiling day two was a bit harder. The snow was "punky" and we got stuck a bit more often. We found some great trails but then ran into a problem. A tree down that was too big to cut. Sooooo........

We had to turn around. I had already been stuck a few times so I suggested Terry turn my sled around for me to avoid getting stuck again. But Roddy thought he could do it so off he went. And got stuck! Well I could have done that!

After digging Roddy out Terry attempted to turn around, and he got stuck too! They looked like three little ducks trying to work his sled out.

Terry is out! And the rest of us all got turned around without too much incidence. What a great day! It started to snow a little bit as we headed back and it's so pretty!


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