Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Challenge of color

I am participating in The Challenge Of Color. Erin Prais Hintz is hosting this first ever color challenge on her blog. I've been given the following paint chip.

I've got the challenge to create a piece of jewelry using this color palette. Of course first I'll be wanting to make beads in that color palette. I'm excited and of course a bit nervous I won't get everything done on time. The big reveal is Dec 3rd!

In Erin's blog post she asked us the following questions.

Are you excited or nervous about the paint chip palettes I have sent you? I'm very excited! The colors are great and really "my kinda" colors!

Are you be willing to be open to the challenge and see where it takes you? Yes! I'm planning to make several bead sets so I can go where my muse takes me.

What do you hope to gain from participating in this color challenge? I hope to branch outside my comfort zone a bit. Maybe trying some more color packed beads, maybe some different shapes.


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