Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Featured artist Caron Reid

Caron Reid - BeadSire
Brisbane, Australia

What is your craft?

Wirework and metal clays

How long have you been working in your medium?
I've been playing with wire for about two and a half years and am still a beginner when it comes to metal clay.

What drew you to this medium?
I love stones and wanted to enhance the beauty within each one, they tend to speak to you. So I started playing with wire wrapping them and then started to play with clay to see what I could do to expand my knowledge base.

What is your favorite thing about your art?
Starting with one idea and ending up with something completely different - the best thing is starting with a not so attractive stone and by the time you have finished with it, you have this piece that is truly lovely!

What's your favorite piece?
I have a few special pieces, but not any particular favourite, as so much goes into each one I make that it's hard to pick a favourite.

What's the hardest piece you've ever made?
My first PMC bezeled piece - you have to get the bezel just right, otherwise you'll have gaps when it is fired - used up a heap of bezel wire, but got there in the end and I was thrilled with the result.

What's the one favorite tool you cannot live without?
Can I say pliers! I remember when I started off, I had these cheap dollar store ones, but then invested in a set of good quality ones. The other day I was teaching my daughter how to wire wrap beads and used the cheap ones - that didn't last long and I will now invest in a good set for her as well (before I lose them :-)).

What's your favorite thing about your workspace or studio?
My studio is my garage and is a work in progress. I need to get some more storage and drawers for my beads, but it's a great space and I do love my little workbench!

Who or what inspires you?
There are many artists across various mediums that inspire me, especially within our team. From Cat who can create magic with wire to Kristi who transforms clay to works of art, then there are the seedies like Erin and Peter who leave me in awe or the firies - Ness, Melissa, Gail or Nicole - who captivate me with glass, just to name a few.

What's your favorite inspirational saying?
It only takes a second to be nice to make someone happy for a long time.

What's one thing you've never done you always wanted to do?
There is a wealth of techniques I'd like to learn and incorporate within my designs which include chain maille and seed beads.


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