Saturday, April 10, 2010

And I start

Today was one of those days, things felt slightly out of whack all day. I felt like I didn't fit, like I didn't belong. From the moment I got up, which was hard as the cat was happily perched on my chest drooling, I felt like the day just wasn't right.

But I plunged forward, forgetting about the spaces in between. Couldn't find a place I was looking for. Didn't fit in at a group meeting. Got stopped by every stop light between Nanimo and home, was late feeding my horses, then, I stopped.

Indy who is constantly on a diet, and was very upset dinner was late made me stop. He kicked the gate, ran about, fussed, grumped, moan and groaned. He is pretty vocal when he's upset. When I went in with his supper (which by the way has herbs in it he is NOT fond of) he bolted a mouth full of grain, and stopped.

Chewed his grain, slopped a bit on my shoulder, and rested his head. One big sigh from him reminded me my goal is to try once a day to stop. To let the spaces in between to happen.

And so I stopped. Listened to my good friend enjoy his supper, listened to a frog croak to someone, watched a hawk float on a breeze.

Then, Redman let out a beller and reminded me he too was waiting on supper. But that small moment where the space in between slipped in was wonderful.


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