Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Miss Annie Bannanie

Those of you who know me from the horse world have heard me talk of Annie over the years. She's a warmblood we bred way back when I was showing A hunters. We bred our Kinsley mare to Mezcal and Annie was born. Upon which time I promptly decided to stop showing hunters, but Annie stayed with us for lots of years before we sold her. I had a hard time selling her, as much as she was a girlie girl she'd really taken a hold of my heart. She is so athletic but had no where the cranky streak her Mom had and was a lot of fun to ride. Anyways I get updates with I LOVE from her new owner Nancy once and a while and thought I'd share some pictures of her in her new home! She sure looks happy!! Thanks Nancy for the photos I really appreciate getting my "Annie updates"!


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