Monday, March 10, 2008

Bunnies Everywhere!

Our bunnies are nesting everywhere! Now they are trying to dig a nest in Eazy's stall. Eazy is our steer wrestling horse the one on the right in the picture. He can chase a steer down at warp speed but bunnies, they are a whle other ball of wax! Tonight he stood outside his stall fretting when I went out to feed. Turns out a bunny was inside digging a hole for a nest. I put his supper inside figuring it was no big deal. WELL, he looked at me like "You want ME to go in THERE!" Apparently bunnies are very viscious! I covered over the hole (no nest in it yet) in hopes they bunnies will move over to the empty stall. Eazy's life would me much less stressfull if they did!


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